On Feb 5, 2019 the CC (City Council) passed ordinance 2681 by a 4 to 3 vote to allow the WSN development to be annexed into the City.  After 2 years of discussion between the developer and the CC we are presented with a project that does not meet the needs of our citizens and further more does not support the family values and character of our community. We believe that if the voters are smart enough to elect our representatives, they are also smart enough to have the final say in the future of our community.  We can achieve this end by having a City-wide discussion and voting on the merits of CC annexation decision. Since 1970, almost 48 years ago, we have been talking about AFH(Affordable Housing) and we are told that this annexation, while imperfect, is a good step. What have we been doing to promote AFH all these years while the rest of western Colorado has been diligently attempting to solve this problem? We are not looking for perfection, we are looking for an annexation that is balanced and serves not just the low income and moderately high end citizens but the heart of our community, the middle class families.

In 2004the community came together to produce the WSSAP (West Steamboat Springs Area Plan) after many months and multiple meetings to envision the future of what we wanted to be.   This is not a growth or no growth question but rather how do we grow and retain a mix of citizens that make up our community…  the very essence that attracted so many of us to live here. The community wanted to expand at a reasonable rate and make sure there were affordable homes for those middles class nurses, teachers, policemen, firemen and public employees who keep us safe, healthy and teach our children. The City Council bypassed the WSSAP and ignored the CDC(Community Development Codes) which required that the WSSAP’s major goal of AFH was implemented.

The Deed Restrictions for these houses, which are not affordable to our middle class, are available to those who work and live here even if they have a home, have rental property, large personal assets and they earn a substantial income. This puts the middle class at a disadvantage in competing with those who have such assets.

If we are going to grow and provide housing for present and new families in our community we need to evaluate if the impacts of this growth we incur will be beneficial to our community. Is increased traffic congestion, crowded facilities, loss of community character and a negative impact to our environment worth the annexation? If it is, then we want an annexation that meets our needs and not just a development to make some wealthier at the expense of the rest of our community.

We hope by rethinking this misguided annexation agreement the community will come together.  This will allow the citizens to have a voice in finding lasting solutions to maintain our community character rather than treating us as a commodity

Here are important points we believe the community should raise:

1-Did not follow WSSAP…West Steamboat Springs Area Plan. How does the Brynn Grey WSN comply with the West Steamboat Springs Area Plan?

2- Has the CDC, the City Development Code, been circumvented?

3- Given the City’s reliance on the sales tax, is the WSN fiscally responsible;

5-What was the intent behind the developer offering sweepstakes prizes?

6- How will the full community benefit from the currently planned WSN if the so-called affordable homes are not truly affordable?

7- Locals,people who live here more than 6 months, own barely half, if that, of Steamboat’s homes – will the WSH home owners live in the homes more than half the year?

8- What are the most accurate estimates of hourly and daily traffic and the resulting congestion?

9- Will entry level families be able to buy truly affordable housing?

10- Do we have guarantees or only promises?

11- The recent prediction of a dry future for northwest Colorado underscores our concerns about water? Are the estimates of families and water needs accurate and commonly understood?