Colorado Parks and Wildlife submitted a detailed letter outlining serious impacts for a wide variety of wildlife from the proposed West Steamboat Annexation.

There are serious impacts to wildlife, including the Columbian sharp-tailed grouse overall range, production area, and an active grouse lek (the location where male grouse display for females and reproduction occurs). Impacts include abandonment of the existing lek site, nesting and brooding habitat loss, and habitat fragmentation. CPW’s 2015 State Wildlife Action Plan (SWAP) identifies Columbian sharp-tailed grouse as a species of highest conservation priority in the state. According to the letter submitted regarding West Steamboat Annexation, “Any loss of Columbian sharp-tailed grouse habitat is significant for the species and the state. The level of human development proposed, 450 homes, may disturb Columbian sharp-tailed grouse to a degree that they will no longer use the area associated within the WSN for any life-cycle functions”.

Elk summer and winter range, and loss of overall range will occur due to this proposed development. Mule deer range is impacted. Moose overall range will be negatively impacted. Pronghorn antelope range is negatively impacted.

More from the CPW letter:

“The WSN planned development is within current summer concentration, fall concentration, overall range, and human conflict area for black bears. Black bears spend a large portion of their time feeding in both the summer concentration and fall concentration areas.

Development in and around black bear habitat is likely to cause human-bear conflicts when trash and other food attractants (grills, bird feeders, apiaries, chicken coops, and fruiting trees and shrubs) are available to black bears”.

WSN planned development is currently within mountain lion overall range as well.

Here is a link to the full letter: