1.  For local median income families, the so-called “affordable” houses are not affordable for local, median income families.

2. The Deed Restrictions do not place restrictions on assets. So, we wonder about  asset restrictions:  a).  the buyer can own a home and have rental properties;  b). the buyer is not subject to income restrictions (a buyer could earn $200,000 per year); and c). the buyer only needs to work 30 hours per week locally. We can’t imagine how potential buyers could afford these unaffordable homes when they work 30 hours a week?

3. The annexation agreement did not meet the City Development Code… so they changed it behind the scenes.

4. The City ignored a two-year community process that provided an affordable housing process in the West Steamboat Springs Area Plan.

5. The transportation costs are not yet solved and the community could be stuck with the bill since the two separate state transportation ballot propositions failed.


The West Steamboat annexation presents opportunities for the entire Steamboat community to engage in a number of important conversations regarding the future vision and physical form and appearance of our town. First, we need an updated Community Area Plan that reflects the values of residents. We believe we can benefit from these conversations, and work together to make Steamboat a great place to live, work, play, and visit.