We are all in this together. We can build a better community.

On Feb 5, 2019 the CC (City Council) passed ordinance 2681 by a 4 to 3 vote to allow the WSN development to be annexed into the City.  After 2 years of discussion between the developer and the CC we are presented with a project that does not meet the needs of our citizens and further more does not support the family values and character of our community. We believe that if the voters are smart enough to elect our representatives, they are also smart enough to have the final say in the future of our community.  We can achieve this end by having a City-wide discussion and voting on the merits of CC annexation decision. Since 1970, almost 48 years ago, we have been talking about AFH (Affordable Housing) and we are told that this annexation, while imperfect, is a good step. What have we been doing to promote AFH all these years while the rest of western Colorado has been diligently attempting to solve this problem? We are not looking for perfection, we are looking for an annexation that is balanced and serves not just the low income and moderately high end citizens but the heart of our community, the middle class families.

Ten important points why we can build a better community than what the West Steamboat Neighborhoods offers:

1.  Annexation Agreement circumvented Community Development Code and West of Steamboat Springs Area Plan related to affordable housing requirements.

2.  Deed restrictions for locals only homes in Annexation Agreement should have income and asset requirements.  They don’t. 

3.   City of Steamboat Springs lacks a Master Plan to handle the increased traffic and congestion that the annexation will create. 

4.  Developers make promises;  the Annexation Agreement should guarantee that all promises are kept. It doesn’t.  

5.   City’s regulatory criteria for approving an annexation: “The advantages of an annexation must substantially outweigh the disadvantages.”  It doesn’t.

6.   Fiscally risky to Community:  Payments for water, services and transportation are deferred. Who pays if development fails?        

7.   We wanted the Community to have a voice; with this ballot, they will.  

8.  Smart Growth should consider the needs of ALL the citizens of the community and not create more problems. 

9.  We need a binding Comprehensive Plan that directs the City to fulfill a vision that supports our community. We don’t have it.

10.  We should also be concerned about sprawl, increased traffic, and impact to wildlife.

Please review the “economics” page on this website for an understanding of economic impacts that may result from this annexation.