Lets Vote petition volunteers story

As we stand outside chatting with folks about the West Steamboat annexation proposal, we found ourselves involved in discussions about the heart and soul of our community…that unique character that makes our community so special to each of us. For decades we have been struggling to solve our problems and have still remained mostly civil, while not agreeing, and respectful of each other’s opinions.

In the past few days petition gathers have been hassled for exercising our right to pursue the democratic process of free speech and the community right to a ballot initiative.  This is not the Steamboat Springs we knew in the past and we hope these few individuals do not represent an unacceptable trend in the future.

As folks passed us, some agree, others are very appreciative, some even thank us for exercising our first amendment right even if they disagree.  Surprisingly, after a lengthy conversation we even learn that we have more in common than we would have thought.  That personal dialogue with strangers or those who differ builds the character of our community. With this ballot initiative we hope to generate dialogue  that may lead to longer term community practices and solutions that will contribute to our lives now and in the future.

As we grow, we need to consider two priorities: first, we need to resolve our past problems and, second, we should avoid problems that we might pass on to future neighbors. If we can learn from this ballot process, we and our neighbors may learn and move forward to solve other challenges.  As a result, we may address and solve other issues, problems we face today and in the future.

Here.The devil is in the details for this development/annexation proposal.  If we truly want to understand the reality of what we are committing to, we have to understand those details. When the ballot vote and discussion goes to the public, that will be the time to expand the discussion, understand each other better and realize everyone can be part of our success without leaving parts of our community behind. Hopefully, all individual boats can rise at the same time even though some will rise a little more. So, go and sign the community ballot petition and let’s get to work being a problem-solving community for all of us.


Lets Vote Steamboat! formed to place the West Steamboat annexation to a vote of registered voters in Steamboat Springs. We believe the residents should determine if this annexation is in the best interests of the community, and they should have the final say through the ballot box. We encourage an honest and civil discussion.