In Steamboat Springs, our quality of life encompasses many things. When asked about our quality of life, locals mention a range of topics, including the ranching heritage of the valley, the natural beauty, outdoor activities, the diversity of people that are attracted to the area, the open lands surrounding the urban area, and the history of the town.

The proposed annexation will affect this quality of life. Impacts include increased traffic, impacts on wildlife, and there are questions about how all this will be funded, especially if (and when) there is a downturn in the economy.

Given the impacts, and how this may impact our quality of life, we need to balance this with benefits. It’s important to note one of the criteria for annexation is “advantages substantially outweigh the disadvantages to our community.” Given the current form of the annexation agreement, we do not believe advantages outweigh disadvantages to our community.

We do believe in providing needed housing for the workforce in Steamboat. We also strongly believe there needs to be affordable housing for a portion of that workforce, and the WSN annexation agreement falls far short of what was identified in the WSSAP.