This annexation is a complex undertaking for the City of Steamboat Springs. It is also an emotional one. Let’s Vote Steamboat! believes the annexation agreement does not achieve what is best for the long-term. Please take the time to read important background documents, including the West Steamboat Springs Area Plan, and the annexation agreement. Links to both these documents are on this website under “summary, then links”. We believe we can do better to insure an inclusive, healthy, and vibrant community for current and future residents.

A few points:

Lets Vote Steamboat! objects to the Annexation Agreement – not to annexation.

The current annexation agreement does not reflect the previous public process and the spirit of the West Steamboat Springs Area Plan. A link to the plan is on this site.

Let’s Vote Steamboat! supports providing affordable housing, as well as attainable housing for our local workforce that actually make the community function by providing housing for a wide range of incomes, including affordable “for sale” housing.

Deed restrictions should be equitable and fair and consider limits on assets and income. The current agreement does not do this.